The loss of hot water can disrupt the daily routine of homeowners and their families. While it is certainly not a life and death situation, a lack of hot water can impact an individual’s mood and productivity throughout the day. For this reason, a hot water heater is one of the most integral aspects of a plumbing system. Regular maintenance can prevent total failure but neglecting your unit will have the opposite effect. Water heaters can fail suddenly or progressively. For homeowners, it is wise to keep an eye on the most telling warning signs of a water heater failure.

Lukewarm Water

After turning on the shower you notice the water is not getting as hot as it normally does. While it may not be outright cold, it could be lukewarm which indicates a potential problem with your home’s water heater. Some individuals will grow frustrated with lukewarm water throughout their home but the bigger issue is addressing the problem with your water heater ASAP. These problems aren’t going to go away on their own so it’s better to pursue them before it’s too late.

Strange Noises

Sometimes water heaters will make a clear pop or rumble sound in which case a major red flag should go off in your mind. While symptomatic instances of failure such as lukewarm shower water are sometimes the result of separate issues, the sounds coming directly from the unit can only be attributed to failure. Hopefully, you catch the sounds before the failure progresses to the point of no return. It’s always wise to have maintenance done on your heater to prevent such problems.

Disturbing Scent

If your water smells wrong it could actually be an issue with your water heater. Some describe the odor as “metallic” and it is often the result of minerals seeping into your water flow from your water heater. Sometimes homeowners can even taste the difference in their tap water. The most obvious sign, however, is a dark hue to your faucet water, usually in the form of brown, orange, or red. The unconscionable stench could prevent household residents from sleeping through the night.

Pooling Tank Water

There’s probably no clearer sign of water heater failure than a pool of water underneath the tank. You might notice that the entire floor space is soaked near your tank in which case you will need to contact a professional plumbing service to address the problem. While the soaked floor is an immediate problem and the threat of both flooding and overheating is real, in the best-case scenarios, it is a valve issue that can be less expensive than you might fear.