Bring Your Garden to Life

Make your garden much more colorful just like front yard because it deserves the right amount of attention like other corners of the home. If you want to give a pop of color to your garden, I have got vibrant ideas to boost your garden up a notch. A lovely and appropriately maintained garden can surely enhance color, vivacity & sparkle to your home, creating it a much more pleasant space to be at. Following are some top killer DIY ideas to bloom up your garden with colors.

Place a Birdhouse

Beautify your garden with little birdhouses that will give an amazing effect to the place. You can get wooden birdhouses from a local shop in just a few dollars. Paint them with your favorite shade so that they will throw a vibrant effect on your lovely garden.

Add Colorful Pebbles

Add some contemporary tone to your garden with smooth & shiny surface pebbles. These are one of the essential things to do landscaping, it can insert color, texture, or can be used to place in background that will throw stand outlook to the plants potted in front of it.

Turn a Bike into a Planter

You may have a bicycle that you don’t need now, think smartly and use a traditional bicycle as a planter which will give a perfect expression to your exquisite backyard. If you are persistent & relish DIY projects, you can also repaint your antique bicycle & mark it more eye-catching. Allow it to convert the star of the lawn.

Hang a Woolly Hammock

Nothing is more beautiful & cozy than hammock swing gently in the garden under the shades of greenery. A lazy hammock will enhance the beauty of your garden without struggling much. This easy to pull swing will be the most comfortable spot for you to be at doing nothing.

Recycle the Junk

If you are interested to recreate the old stuff than you can do thousands of things to make old junk presentable without spending much. Décor your garden with old chairs by placing plants over them. You can also put ancient pots, dishes, vine box or any other household objects in your garden that may have lost their usefulness but are still eye-catchy.

Say Bye to Mosquitoes

Don’t let mosquitoes stand in your beautiful garden, place marigolds around the garden to get rid of mosquitoes as they can’t bear the smell of it. If you have a birdbath, it is an ideal space for ticks to lay their eggs. You can stop this from happening by pouring a few drops of salad oil into the water. Stay safe and make your space lovely, striking and beautiful.

Light It Up

Placing some twinkle lights in a corner of the garden can make it shiny and pleasing. You can hang lightweight lantern in your backyard space to make it different. Battery lights, candles and lantern are easily accessible at so grab them to throw a striking aspect to your garden. Moreover, tiki torches can also be the right option to make the perimeter of your space appealing as these torches are made of bamboo and stainless steel.

Play With Fire 

Give your garden some incredible touch of light with firepits. This is an amazing idea to make your space look beautiful as well as warming up your body during the cold days and evenings sitting around nature, & it is an even better option for making delicious BBQ or marshmallows.

Set a Fountain

You must not dig up your garden to give it a watery aspect. Get a little-stoned fountain for your backyard space and relish the same mood with relaxing sound of water. You can also put an outdated wood barrel with a pump that will be great for small area.

Beautify your garden with above discussed ideas because this is the most amazing space of your home. Harsh winters have passed away! Now, it is time to enjoy greenery and flowers blossom in your garden. With the DIY garden ideas above, you can lift up your garden from dull to fab in no time. The hard part will be deciding which one you’ll try first!

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