Here at DIY Home Ideas, we love everything to do with DIY! In fact, we have DIY projects and ideas for every room, crack and crevice of your home to help inspire you. DIY projects are an easy way to liven up your home and give it a fresh new look. If you’re on a budget, the 50 suggestions below are ideal for you. Check out our selection of the 50 best DIY projects from 2017.

1. Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

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Upcycling wooden pallets has become particularly popular in 2017 and every day we are seeing thousands of shipping pallets being turned into spectacular furniture items. You can even make a stylish coffee table for your living room, painting it any colour you would like and styling it to fit your home. The huge benefit of this project is that it is super cheap and simple! Find out how to make it here.

2. Half-Table for Your Hallway

Half Table

Image Credit: The White Cottage Living

Hallways can be difficult spaces to decorate, often remaining empty and plain. So, why not install a half-table to brighten up your hallway space? There is no need to give up on your old tables that are missing legs – this project is ideal for giving new life to your old table.

3. Stepladder Bedside Table or Shelves

Stepladder Bedside Table

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Stepladders are a wonderful stylish addition to any home, adding a sense of eccentricity. Stepladders are especially popular as shelving. You can either paint and mount your step ladder to your wall or use it as a bedside storage unit, either option is just as stylish and fun.

4. Wooden Shutter Wall Organiser

Wooden Shutter Storage

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Mail tends to pile up through the week, so why not organise it stylishly? Who knows, it might encourage you to open those bills or school reports. Simply attach an old wooden hanger to your wall – after painting of course – and stack your mail in the shutters for a stylish wall organiser.

5. Transform an Old Dresser

Dresser TV Stand

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Old dressers often get thrown away but there is no need to send them to the tip. Instead, they can be repurposed into lovely TV stands – the focal point of your living room! Simply remove the drawers to make an open space and add baskets or additional storage items for remote controls. Find out how to transform your old dresser here.

6. Unique Headboard

Door Headboard

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Headboards can be expensive but not if you use an old door. Old doors are becoming a popular headboard option. There are numerous colour and design options to choose from so you can paint and style your headboard to suit the interior of your home. Find out how to make your door headboard here.

7. Illusion of Space

Illusion of Space

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Make your place look bigger, without adding an extension, by putting a mirror at one end of the room. It’s a great way to open up the space, increase the natural light in the room and give the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is.

8. Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

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This may sound odd but planting a tree in your garden – or multiple trees – can be an ideal option for updating your garden. It also increases the sale value of your home in a few years!

9. Improve Your Garden

Improve Your Garden

Image Credit: Cote Mason

Plant evergreen plants in your garden that stay green all year round so that, whatever the season, your garden is always in bloom!

10. Necklace Holder

Necklace Holder

Image Credit: Brit Morin

Furniture knobs make great necklace holders – seriously, who knew!? Simply screw your chosen furniture knobs into your wall or a plank of wood and there you have it, a stylish and unique option for jewellery storage. Learn how to make this necklace holder here.

11. Create Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard Picture Frames

Image Credit: Christy K. James 

Chalkboard signs are incredibly popular and you can make them look beautiful by repurposing an old picture frame and placing the chalkboard inside of it. Find out how to make your very own chalkboard sign here.

12. Rolling Under Bed Storage

Rolling Under Bed Storage

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If you live in Brighton, you will know that the houses can be small and storage is often restricted. Overcome this by creating rolling under bed storage with a couple of crates and wheels. It’s functional, easy to access and a great storage solution.

13. Upcycle Your Tin Cans

Painted Tin Cans

Image Credit: The Crafted Sparrow 

Tin cans are something that are often leftover after a week of cooking for the kids. But you don’t have to throw them away. Instead, they can be upcycled into beautiful spray-painted tin can organisers. Painted tin cans are not only super cute but you can design and paint them to any style that suits you.

14. Book Crates

Book Crates

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DIY book crates are extremely popular. Simple take an unfinished wooden create, whitewash or paint it and you’ve got the perfect storage solution for your books. It couldn’t be simpler! Whatever you like to read, store it beautifully with these DIY book crates. Find out how to make book crates here.

15. Dedicated Towel Hooks

Lettered Towel Hooks

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How often do you hear your kids arguing with each other over which towel is theirs, or shouting at their sibling for using their towel? Well, we have the solution. Use dedicated towel hooks showing each person’s initial to ensure everyone knows whose towel is who’s.

16. IKEA’s Spice Racks

IKEA Spice Rack Bookshelf

Image Credit: A Baby on Board Blog 

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like IKEA. But why not make the most of their products by buying their spice racks? IKEA’s spice racks are all over the internet for the numerous DIY projects they can be used in. Simply attach the spice racks onto the walls around your home and store your books! Find out how to make your own spice rack bookshelf here.

17. Chalkboard Wall Paint


Image Credit: Laura Side Street

This is a fun idea if you have young kids or are quite a creative person. Buy chalkboard paint and paint one of the walls in your home top to bottom. This works great in kids’ rooms and kitchens. Also, you can make it magnetic, giving you more opportunities to be creative! Find out how to make your own blackboard wall here.

18. Wine Cork Necklace Storage

Cork Necklace Holder

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Necklaces easily become tangled if you don’t hang them up by necklace storage can be expensive to purchase. So, why not use old wine corks? You may have to sacrifice by drinking a couple of bottles of wine (but who’s complaining!)

19. Antique Style table

Antique Table

Image Credit: Nina Trend Survivor 

This is a super DIY project that can transform your hallway! All you need is some paint and a shelf. Paint the shelf and attach it to your wall and then paint the design underneath. It’s as simple as that but the finished look is beautiful!

20. Bird Feeder Wreath

Bird Feeder

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Attract more birds into your garden by building a bird feeder wreath. If you feed the bird regularly, you will have many birds flying around your garden – all you need is some melted suet and bird seed! Find out how to make your very own bird feeder wreath here.

21. Yarn Wrapped Painted Jars

Yarn Wrapped Jars

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Yarn is a DIY necessity and has an incredible number of uses. One of these is yarn wrapped painted jars. It’s super simple, all you need to do is wrap yarn around your jar in the desired pattern, paint over the top, leave to dry and then peel the yarn off to reveal the finished product. Find out how to make your own yarn wrapped painted jars here.

22. Nail Polish Key Identification

Painted Keys

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Have you ever spent ages standing at your front door fumbling for the key because all your keys look the same? Well, it’s time to use nail polish to identify which key is which. This is a simple but super effective trick.

23. Painted Garden Stones

Painted Garden Stones

Image Credit: Vanessa

Make your garden stand out this year by painting your garden stones. It may sound odd but painting your garden stones is a great way to identify what you have planted where. Either paint a picture of the item or paint the name.

24. Jar Garden Mini Terrarium

Glass Jar Terrarium

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Fill your empty glass jars with pebbles, soil, moss and small plants. This is a lovely way to create a miniature garden that you can use to decorate your home.

25. Wallpaper Dresser

Wallpaper Dresser

Image Credit: House Beautiful Magazine 

Give your furniture an overall with a fresh coat of paint and some strips of wallpaper with complimentary hues. It really makes your furniture stand out from the crowd and adds a pop of colour to any room. Discover how to wallpaper your furniture here.

26. Clothes Hanger Jewellery Storage

Jewellery Storage

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Clothes hangers are something nearly everyone has and if you don’t, they are seriously cheap to purchase! Add a few eyelet screws to your coat hanger to create a simply DIY storage solution for your jewellery.

27. Sparkling Night Light

Night Lights

Image Credit: Nawazisha Razak 

We love this idea. Cut open a glow stick and tip the contents into a jar. Add colourful diamond glitter, seal the lid and give the jar a shake to see the colours glow!

28. Make a Kitchen Back Splash

Kitchen Back Splash

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Over time, you can become bored of your kitchen design. So, why not add a splash of colour with a colourful back splash behind the countertops? It’s a super simple way to transform the look of your kitchen.

29. Create a Magnetic Knife Strip

Magnetic Knife Strip

Image Credit: DIYscom

Magnetic knife strips are a functional addition to any kitchen. They are an ideal way to store your knives and allow easy-access to cooking utensils while you are preparing dinner. Find out how to make your own magnetic knife strip here.

30. Cabinet Organisation

Cabinet Organisation

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Under the countertop cabinets are super helpful when it comes to effective storage solutions but you can organise them efficiently to ensure the storage space is used to its full potential. Put cleaning items in trays and hang spray bottles from a rail.

31. Creative Chalk

Chalk with a Twist

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Liven up your chalk by adding some Plaster of Paris, water and food colouring into popsicle moulds to create chalk with a twist. This is a seriously cute idea and will help encourage your kids to get outside and get creative. Find out how to make your chalk with a twist here.

32. Change Your Door Knobs

Creative Door Knobs

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This is a super simple DIY tip that helps transform your home. Choose from a selection of stunning door knob colours, styles and designs to find your favourite or put a different door knob on each door in your home for a quirky edge.

33. Make Use of Cute Wrapping Paper

Framed Wrapping Paper

Image Credit: Persia Lou

Have you ever had that moment where you have cute wrapping paper leftover but not enough to wrap a gift? Well, there’s no need to worry because you can create some lovely wall art. Simply cut the remaining wrapping paper to size and frame it!

34. Light up Your Garden

Lit Mason Jars

Image Credit: Perfect Wedding 

Lighting up your garden doesn’t have to be expensive! Simply place some plain or colourful fairy lights in a mason jar and illuminate your garden for those evenings spent outside with friends.

35. Pallet Garden Furniture

Pallet Garden Furniture

Image Credit: UK-Rattan Garden Furniture 

Nail a selection of wooden pallets together to form a unique outdoor seating area. It looks fun, has a quirky edge and is significantly cheaper than buying a garden set! Make most of this cost-effective solution and do it yourself! Find out how to make your very own garden pallet furniture here.

36. Create a Feature Wall

Feature Wall

Image Credit: Fired Earth

Feature walls have been particularly popular this year and can really transform any room. Choose whatever you would like, from bold paint colours or patterned wallpaper designs, to bold photorealist murals. This is an easy budget-friendly to change any room!

37. Make Use of Your China Cups

China Cup Candles

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Do you have a lot of china cups from your grandma that you don’t know what to do with? Well, they make great candles! Place a wick in the bottom, keep it steady and pour in the wax to set. Tada! You have a stunning candle that is a beautiful centrepiece for any table and ideal for those girly tea parties! Find out how to make them here.

38. Yarn Lights

Yarn Lights

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We’ve come back to the yarn again. There’s simply no getting away from it, yarn is an ideal DIY product and you can even use it to make lights! Simply blow up a balloon, wind your yarn around it and paint. Leave it to dry before popping to balloon to reveal your gorgeous finished product. Learn how to make them here.

39. Turn Your Closet into a Home Office

Home Office

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Do you work from home but don’t have a spare room to set up an office in? Don’t worry, a closet will suffice! I know it sounds crazy but you can add shelves, a desk and a chair that can all be closed away at the end of the working day. It’s a great way to keep your home and work-life separate.

40. Colour Your Garden

Dip Dye Flower Pots

Image Credit:

What better way to colour your garden than by repainting your flowerpots? You may be put off at the thought of painting as it can be quite time consuming. So, we’ve made things a little bit easier by suggesting your dip dye your pots! It’s a seriously quick and easy solution that offers stunning results. Find out how to make them here.

41. Paint Bottles

Painted Bottles

Image Credit: Red Magazine 

Have you got countless unused wine bottles or jam jars? Well, you can put them to good use! Paint them all in a variety of colours. Simply put paint inside the bottles and run it around so that it completely covers the glass. The finished product will be a vibrant coloured jar to either use as a table display or a colourful addition to a shelf. Find out how to make them here.

42. Make Your Own Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Table

Image Credit: Design*Sponge 

It’s simpler than you think. Simply buy the legs from Habitat (or a similar furniture store) and top them with a piece of driftwood or leftover plywood. Sand, varnish and there you have it, a beautiful rustic coffee table.

43. Bobby Pin Holder

Bobby Pin Storage

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

Now, between use girls, I know how easy it is to lose bobby pins. Seriously, when I buy them, they seem to completely disappear a week or so later! So, make use of your leftover tic tac packaging and store your bobby pins in a safe place. It’s also great to take on holiday as part of your carryon luggage. Make your own here.

44. Get a Terrarium


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If you’re no good at keeping plants alive, terrariums are the answer! You can even DIY your own terrarium to add your unique style to it. Terrariums are a beautiful addition to any home and ensure you have green plants all year round.

45. Paint Your Photo Frames

Painted Photo Frames

Image Credit: 

As we all know, paint has a transformative effect and can really change the look of your home! Get hold of those plain photo frames around your house and give them all a splash of colour.

46. DIY Spice Rack

Spice Rack Organisation

Image Credit: 

Spice racks are great but it can get messy remembering which spice is which as labels can easily become missing! So, why not spice it up a little – see what I did there? You can even add some chalk paint so that you can effectively label your jars. You can even change them up if you want to add new spices into the mix at any point.

47. Update Your Lighting

Pendant Lights

Image Credit: Chantelle Lighting 

Lighting is something that homeowner often overlook, yet it can make a dramatic impact on any home. Change out your existing light fixtures for new and simple designs such as chandeliers or pendant lights.

48. Use Old Tyres

Tyre Sandpit

Image Credit:

 Make use of your old tyres by putting some tarpolin in the bottom and filling it with sand. This DIY project creates the ideal sandpit for your little ones to enjoy.

49. Upcycle Old Chairs


Image Credit:

When it comes to your dining room table, you don’t need to have identical chairs! Simply upcycle your old chairs, sand them down or give them a new lick of paint to create a beautiful dining room table with unique chair settings.

50. Cardboard Drawer Dividers

Draw Dividers

Image Credit:

Keeping your drawers easy to use, clean and clear of clutter can be simple by using DIY cardboard drawer dividers. This is an ideal way of ensuring your draws stay well-organised!

Final Words

Hopefully some of these ideas have inspired your creativity and given you plenty of ideas for your home. When it comes to DIY, the possibilities are endless!


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