Plant hire is popular in London as there is not a lot of available storage space in the city centre for people working in the construction industry. Plant hire provides workers with everything they need to get their construction project done on time. Plant hire an industry in London that provides machinery, tools and equipment of all kinds and sizes to users – mainly those working in the construction industry.

Plant hire is a well-established hire solution available to workers throughout London, helping them complete projects for their customers on time and to a high standard.

The Benefits of Plant Hire

Just like tool hire, plant hire has numerous benefits. Not many people can afford to buy all the tools and plant equipment they need to complete various jobs. Instead, they hire equipment in because it saves them money. However, there are other benefits in addition to the financial benefits and these include:

  • Well-maintained equipment that meets safety standards
  • A wide range of plant equipment available to hire
  • A variety of hire options and contracts
  • Advice on how to use the equipment
  • Advice on the tools for the job
  • Cost-effective

There are of course the additional benefits that of plant hire that negate you or your workers suffering through heavy lifting, manual shifting and/or digging. Plant hire is the way forward and is certainly extremely popular in London.

Plant Hire London Plant Hire Advice

If you’re not sure about tool hire, how it works, which tools are best for your job or how to use them, don’t worry! Most tool hire companies will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and ensure you know how to use each piece of equipment they give you.

Below are our recommendations of some of the best plant hire companies in London!

MTeevan Hire

Mteevan Hire Ltd are passionate about effectively serving their customers and are one of the leading plant hire services in the city as a result. Whatever your plant hire requirements, whether you have just started a construction company or you are an experienced builder, Mteevan Hire have the necessary equipment for you. After all, it’s what they do. For more information, call Mteevan today!

Plant Hire UK Ltd

If you live or work in London and you need plant hire services, Plant Hire UK Ltd is one of the best places for it. Founded in 2005, this company has years of experience serving customers throughout the city and helping them with their construction projects. For more information, call Plant Hire UK Ltd today!

Gap Group Hire Solutions

Another brilliant plant hire service serving customers in London is Gap Group Hire Solutions. With eight divisions offering market-leading equipment, they have the products you need to get the job done. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is, Gap Group Hire Solutions have the resources you need. If you would like more information, call today!


Llynch are plant hire specialists who provide self-drive and operated plant hire to various sectors within the construction industry. With an extensive fleet of plant and tools to hire, you are sure to find exactly what you need. For further information, contact Llynch today!

Demenex Plant Hire Ltd

For all your plant hire requirements, Demenex Plant Hire Ltd can supply everything you need. With 24-hour service, it doesn’t matter how quickly you need their services, they are available to help. With fully trained and knowledgeable staff, Demenex Plant Hire Ltd have all the information and products you need to complete your construction job to an extremely high standard at a fraction of the cost! Call today for further information.

Final Words

We hope this list has been helpful to you. If you live or work in London and require plant hire services, there are hundreds of companies available that are just a call away. So, what are you waiting for? Get calling some of the companies above!

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