Important Renovation Tips for a More Modern Home

As a homeowner, you should know full well how important it is to make your property stand out in the neighborhood. One thing’s for sure, you should be able to turn your home into an eye-catching attraction.

If you have owned your home for quite some time now, you can either restore it or at least give it a more modern look. Usually, if it’s already ancestral home, you may as well leave the design as is. Otherwise, you can give it an aesthetic upgrade inside and out.

Here are a few tips that will help give your home a fresh and updated look.

1. Update your exterior walls

Your exterior walls are the first things to get noticed by people in the community. Many people judge homeowners on the quality and upkeep of their homes, so you should endeavour to maintain a good exterior. Having walls with faded or chipped paint won’t exactly give your home the plus factor it needs to make a positive impact.

To ensure your home makes a good impression, opt to have it painted with modern colors. Pastel colors are great for homes in places where there’s temperate climate. However, most homes today are painted using neutral colors such as white and beige. These colors can make your home look cleaner and smarter, so make sure to choose the proper shades for your exterior walls.

2. Upgrade your interiors

Living with antique walls and furniture? Unless you want to preserve your home for sentimental purposes, you may as well replace some interior elements. For that, make sure to have your wallpapers replaced, especially if the design has gone out of style. Today, most modern homes use wallpaper designs with geometrical shapes and monochromatic colors. If you want to achieve a more minimalist style, you can opt for wallpapers with varying shades of black and grey.

If you’re looking to modernise your furniture, opt for clean, minimalist pieces. Presently, “less is more” has become the dominant principle in home design, so make sure to select furniture pieces that won’t make your living room and dining room look crowded.

3. Prioritize energy efficiency

Modern homes tend to be more energy efficient. For one, homes designed using prefabricated materials are known to have great insulation. You can apply the same system in your home by simply cleaning your air filters and using the right type of insulation for your attic or basement. You may also want to inspect your home for any air leaks so you can seal them up and prevent heat or cool air from escaping.

Another great way to increase your home’s energy efficiency is to install solar panels. Across America, there are about 1.3 million solar installations currently active and you can find most of these installations in modern communities. On top of providing your home with backup energy, solar panels can also cut your power consumption by a significant amount. They can be a costly investment, but the long-term benefits they can give are worth your while.

4. Invest in great landscaping

The area surrounding your property should also be upgraded to complement your home’s modern look. For this, you can plant geometric hedges just outside your front door. Another great way to make your landscaping look more modern is to set up white tiles on a gravel path. This brings out a zen-like vibe, which has become a common trope for many modern homes.

You can also upgrade your porch by placing potted plants and hanging vines. Wicker furniture is also a great option to make your outside area look more rustic and simple to balance out the contemporary feel of the exterior.

5. Upgrade your lighting

Changing your lights can make your home look modern, especially during the night time. When you’re opting to highlight certain aspects of your interior, simply install accents lights that can give a soft and warm glow. For the kitchen and the dining area, opt for decorative lamps that can give your dinners a more intimate and romantic feel. For your bathrooms, opt for wall sconces and vanity lights that give a more relaxing atmosphere. Lastly, give your bedrooms decorative lights on each corner as well as ceiling lights that can illuminate the interior with a faint glow that will allow you to wind down at the end of the day.