Summer is upon us. You’ve been waiting for this moment the entire year and the time has finally come. You and your kids are ready to enjoy days at the pool, parties with neighborhood friends and make this one a truly memorable summer. But is your own home as prepared as you are?

Whether you live in an small studio apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota or a townhouse in London; wherever it is that you call home, you need to ensure that your home is prepare and safe for another summer of activities and precious family time.

Summer might be the greatest time of the year for you and your family, but remember, summer also means a lot of time spent away from your house traveling to and from activates and even taking long family vacations. With that in mind, here’s how you can keep your home safe during the summer months.

Is anyone home?

A lot of times when you leave your house, well, it looks like you’ve left your house. An easy tip to keep your home safer in the summer is make it look like someone is always home. Have family and friends water your plants when you’re gone. Enlist the service of a landscaper to make it appear as if people are coming and going at your home during the time you’re away. This alone can help make it look like someone in your family is currently home, even when you and your loved ones are away.

Remote security control

One major and hugely impactful security update is implementing smart technology security systems at your home. These new, innovative systems will allow you to turn your lights on and off when you’re not home when it turns dark at night. These same security systems will allow you to monitor entryways and your front and back door. They’ll even send you a notification via mobile app when there is movement near your door. This way, you’ll never have to wonder if there is an unwanted visitor at your home.

Install excellent lighting

When the weather turns warm, more people tend to be out and about around nighttime. With this in mind, make sure you install the top-of-the-line lighting at your home. While you’re at it, get the motion detecting sensors included in your lighting package. This way, from dusk until dawn, you’ll be able to detect motion around your house and ensure that you’re able to clearly see those coming and going from your property.

Flooding and Damages

While you’re away for the summer, it’s important to remember that rainy days are very likely and flooding could happen. Experts at Blackmon Mooring stated, “200 million Americans are at risk for flooding and having a plan for dealing with flooding while you’re away is extremely important.” With that in mind, make sure you have flood protection and also have contacts in your area to help with an emergency situation.

Hiding spots

You’d be surprised; burglars love a well landscaped yard. Why? Well, that beautiful tree you planted in the front yard provides coverage for intruders and blocks your line of sight. That large bush in the front yard — think about pulling that one out when summer hits. This will provide you with every opportunity you need to keep unwanted intruders out of your hard. If you have beautiful windows that allow awesome natural light into your home, well, make sure you have equally as great blinds and coverage for those, too. Windows offer a front-row view to your valuables and family and this will allow people the ability to see in even if you have a great security system.

Check the mail

If you’re going out of town for a long period of time, then it’s important to make sure someone is around to pick up the mail at your home. If you leave a buildup of mail, intruders will have a clear sign that you’re out of town. If you’re leaving town, be prepared with a plan of action for mail buildup.

If you’re on vacation and an intruder sees 11 days’ worth of newspapers on your front doorstep, they’ll be sure to make note of that on their next visit. Keep your home safe and have a plan for mail pickup. If it’s easier, you can ask the postal service to hold your mail while you’re away.

All in all, keeping your family and your home safe go hand-in-hand. There are many steps you can to ensure that your home is safe during the summertime. And if you’re serious about home safety, whether you live in a contract for deed house in the U.S. or a mansion in the U.K., you need to start with a great home security system. Once you have this in place, things will become a lot more peaceful and safe at your home.