How to brighten up your home with skylights

There are so many different kinds of electrical lighting on the market. However, despite all these breakthrough innovations, natural lighting from the sun is still one of the best options.

Windows of the right size and positioning can provide a space for natural light to brighten the house at certain time of the day. But in most cases, people don’t always have the ideal house location nor living space to have a window in certain parts of the house where natural lighting is ideal. Thus, roof windows have been in use or that we call “skylights”.

Skylight loft

According to Wikipedia, “skylights are light transmitting fenestration (elements filling building envelope openings) forming all, or a portion of, the roof of a building’s space for day lighting purposes. Open skylights were used in Ancient Roman architecture, such as the oculus of the Pantheon. Glazed ‘closed’ skylights have been in use since the Industrial Revolution made advances in glass production manufacturing. Mass production units since the mid-20th century have brought skylights to many uses and contexts. Energy conservation has brought new motivation, design innovation, transmission options, and efficiency rating systems for skylights.”

Oculus (center) of the dome of the Pantheon in Rome is actually an architectural “skylight” which was constructed around 2,000 years ago





Although this architectural design has been used since the ancient Roman times, still it is applicable to modern-day house designs in the UK and all over the world. It is an efficient, cost-saving and even a good addition to the overall interior design of homes and commercial spaces.

Here’s a list of the benefits and functions of skylights.

1. You can save money

First, it is a sustainable and free source of lighting. Also, this alternative reduces the demand/consumption of unsustainable power which is detrimental to the environment.

2. You get to see a wonderful view of the skies everyday. Getting a view of the blue skies and the moon and stars provides a therapeutic relief to everyone.

3. It provides optimal daylight to homes.
As mentioned earlier, windows are sometimes not enough to get as much light into the house unlike skylights. Skylights are positioned in the top so it gets direct and indirect sunlight for the most part of the day. If positioned well in specific areas of the house where natural lighting is ideal, then you will get the optimum light you need.

4. Provides ventilation
Retractable skylights that you can open also provide extra advantages to the house as it can give more ventilation.

5. It is ideal for small spaces
It is common that living spaces are limited especially in highly urban areas. So one way for home developers to make their houses ideal to the buyers is to create a bright and warm ambience of the house by installing skylights.

There are various types and designs of skylights to choose from based on your needs and design preferences. If you plan to build a house or improve your home design and functionality, skylights are a great ideas to invest in. In Brighton DMB Solutions offer great value skylight installation. Nowadays, commercial buildings are also designed with skylights proving its efficiency and beneficial effect to the homeowners and the environment. It is surely an architectural design that will keep improving.

How much does a skylight cost?

Skylights arn’t the cheapes kind of window. You will be paying both for the window itself and the labour cost needed to install it. The builders will need to cut roof timbers move tiles or felt depeding on your type of roof. Then they will need to repair and retouch any inside work like plastering to make sure it looks good once it is finished.


  • A Small Velux Window (66cm x 98cm)
    Typically, a window of this size would be ideal for a bathroom area. The cost of installation, complete with flashing kit, collar, insulation, roof alterations and waste disposal is likely to be between £800 and £1,100.


  • Large Roof Window (134cm x 160cm)
    These larger windows are commonly used above stairwells, loft conversions, and on single story extensions where light needs to be brought into living areas. Installation costs are likely to be between £1,300 and £1,600.

Have you had a skylight installed? was it a dream or a nightmare? do you have any one to recommend or recommend to avoid? Let us know in the comments below.


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