Moving to a new area can be overwhelming for many reasons but one that is less often discussed is the stress that comes along with finding local service workers like plumbers to provide repairs, maintenance, and inspections on your new home. Because you are in a new location there is less familiarity with the companies in the area. Often a realtor will recommend or even choose a plumbing company on your behalf but there will certainly be more times in the future when you need work done on your home. Due to the advancement of the internet, it is now more convenient than ever before to link up with a service near you. But even so, homeowners should try to avoid some of the pitfalls to that can come about when researching a plumber in the local area. Follow these steps to ensure reliability and safety:

Step 1: Perform a Google Search

Performing a Google search for “plumber near me” should provide some pretty relevant options. As you may know, Google showcases results based on the user’s location. If you search on a mobile device the results will appear differently than they do on desktop. In either case, what you should see is a Local Map Pack which is a collection of 3 Google My Business listings within your general radius. After those results, you will see traditional search results that Google deems most relevant to your search query. Click on several of the choices and see which of them looks trustworthy and appears to be a match for the plumbing problem you are having.

Step 2: Check Google, Facebook, and Yelp Reviews

Once you identify a possible match for your plumbing problem you should verify the credibility of the company by checking their online reviews. What you’ll want to do is check reviews on 3rd party platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. Reviews that appear directly on their website may or may not be legitimate. If there is no link back to one of the aforementioned 3rd party platforms than the feedback could have easily been doctored to make the business seem more trustworthy than they actually are. The best way to find reviews is to perform a second Google search for “company name reviews.” The results should show reviews from different sources around the web. If they have no reviews online, it will be a risk to hire them.

Step 3: Make Contact Through Phone or Email

Once you’ve verified a company’s reputation by checking their online reviews you should contact them through their website or Google My Business listing. A website will often provide an option to submit a contact form which can be a good way to introduce yourself without committing to hiring them. If you are looking for immediate help with a plumbing issue, making a phone call is probably the best course of action. If the plumber’s website was properly designed, their phone number will be displayed prominently on the top of their homepage. If you are using a mobile device you can probably even click the phone number to immediately connect to their office line. Ask them a few questions to make sure that they are a good match for your problem.