Tips to Save Energy & Money


It doesn’t matter who you are — bills are bills when it comes to having a place to call your own.

Whether you live in an apartment in Denver, Colorado or you spend your days and nights in a Soho luxury flat; every month, you face a ton of bills: groceries, mortgage/rent, phone, internet, car payment, insurance, utilities… and more.

In most cases, you have options. You can pick and choose which providers you use and this could save you a few dollars on individual bills. But utilities are less flexible, and that could be why utilities are one of Americans’ largest annual expenses, with the average household spending almost $4,000 on utilities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But don’t make the mistake of not seeking new options. It’s 2018 and technology exists to help save us energy and money. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Update Your Bulbs

This is one of the most common and best energy tips you’ll get. You’ve likely been hearing about the energy saving benefits of LED and CFL bulbs for years. But have you actually tried to make the switch yet? According to Energy Star, if we all just replaced one bulb with a qualified CFL, we’d save enough energy to light up 3 million homes for a year and more than $600 million in annual energy costs.

save power

Electrical Outlets

We all have so many gadgets plugged into the wall and we never remember to unplug the power strips or turn them off before we l eave home. Instead, opt for the smart power strips that will automatically turn off electricity to the devices when you don’t it. Save electricity, save energy at home, save you devices and save money while doing all of the above.

Smart Thermostats

Start using a Nest Learning Thermostat. You will not be disappointed. This small device — a little computer bolted to your wall and connected to your home Internet — will familiarize itself with your schedule and habits to adjust your house’s temperature to keep you comfortable while reducing unnecessary energy use.

Inspect HVAC

According to EnergyStar, the average home loses up to 30% of its heated air to leaks. Let’s start with an inspection. Have a professional home inspector out to your place to make sure you aren’t losing money because of leaks. At the same time, ensure that you’re using qualified and certified appliances to help save you even more money and more energy along the way.


Plant Those Trees

This might seem like a simple fix compared to the rest, but planting trees in a strategic manner can help reduce an unshaded home’s air conditioning costs by 15% to 50%, according to the Department of Energy. Even better, utility companies might even provide free threes throughout the year to help reduce the amount of energy used through strategic planting. Check with your provider and maybe you’ll be receiving free greenery for your home!

Install Water-Efficient Fixtures

You can save money on your water bill by installing new and innovative water-efficient faucets, showerheads and toilets. Check out products with the WaterSense label. This label means they are certified to be at least 20% more efficient with sacrificing performance.

These are a just a few great tips to get started on your eco-friendly, money saving home. Keep making updates and you’ll be a money saving machine in no time at all!