Types Of Drill Bits

Since 35,000 BC humans have been using some type of drill or rotary tool. The earliest types would have just been a pointed piece of bone, rock or wood used to pierce another softer material.


No. 1. Cores of flakable stone, pointed for drilling.

No. 2. Chipped drills with slender bits and flattened or crutch-shape grip.

No. 3. Drill bits of stone and metal.

No. 4. Drill bits of copper.

No. 5. Spindle drill. Bit of iron or stone.

No. 6. Strap drill, consisting of spindle and bit, mouthpiece and socket, and driving strap of rawhide.

No. 7. Bow drill. Spindle of wood, bit of iron, bow from seal’s rib, mouthpiece of wood with stone socket.

No. 8. Pump drill.

No. 9. Finland auger.

No. 10. Drill bits made from hardened steel, for boring steel and iron.

No. 11. Steel bits for boring in wood and similar materials.

No. 12. Steel center bit with gauge to regulate the size of the hole.

No. 13. Common brace and centre bit for boring.

No. 14. Brace with adjustable connective to fit the top of the bit.

No. 15. Mechanical drill. Spindle a screw with long thread, pivoted in a fixed


Modern Drill Bits

Wood Drill Bits

dowel drill bit1. Brad point drill bit

Brad Point drill bits which can also be called w-point or dowel bits. They are designed to cut straight holes in nearly all types of wood. They have been around a long time and come in all different sizes, lengths and materials.






auger drill bit2. Auger Drill Bits

Auger bits have a spiral shaft and come to very thin threaded points they are normally used to make wide, deep holes in wood.




paddle bit3. Paddle Bits

Paddle bits are great for drilling big wide holes in wood. They have long pointed tips that start boring a small hole before the wider blades cut out the bigger holes. Sizes can range from 5mm to 40mm.


countersink drill bit4. Countersink bits

Countersink bits are used to drill an indentation so the screw head doesn’t stick up out of the wood, creating a nice smooth finish.

 5. Plug Cutter

Plug cutters cut out a small wooden plug which can be used to cover screw heads to hide them, the wooden plug can be removed from the side of the bit.



hinge cutter bit6. Hinge Cutter

Hinge cutters are used on wardrobe and cabinet door hinges sometimes the have tungsten carbide tips.




hole saw7. Hole saw

Hole cutters look just like a saw blade shaped into a circle. They are perfect for cutting very large circular hole in wood. The are normally used when putting a door lock/ handle mechanism in.



Metal Drill Bits

hss drill bits8. HSS Bits

Also called HSS (high speed steel) bits. They are specifically made for drilling through different types of metal including copper, aluminium, steel, iron and brass. The Bits can be coated or cored with different metals to make them stronger eg titanium or cobalt.





Masonry Drill Bits

masonry9. Tungsten carbide drill bits

These are used fro cutting into rock, cement and of types of masonry. They are often made of an extra hard materiel like tungsten carbide (which can only be scratched by diamonds!)

10. Tile and Glass Bits

Tile and glass bits look very different, with a spear shaped head and made from tungsten carbide they are normally used at a slow to medium speed.



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