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Construction is a fast-moving industry and there are new projects being started and completed every single day. This week there have been some construction news stories at the forefront of our newsfeeds. In this article we will be looking at 10 of the top construction stories in the news this week!

The £600m Cheshire East Council Highway Deal

Great news for Cheshire, Ringway Jacobs (the company who has been responsible for the Cheshire East’ highways since 2011) has just won a contract to care for the highways for another 15 years. This huge responsibility involves managing all the construction and maintenance needs, including caring for the 1,677 miles of local roads, 372 miles of cycle-ways, and 1,100 miles of footpaths. This contract renewal will ensure the highways are properly maintained by the professionals and managed to ensure everyone’s safety. Work starts in October 2018 and will be extremely beneficial for the area.

Facebooks New $1.4bn Singapore Data Centre

Facebook have always built excessive but impressive constructions and their new data centre in Singapore is no exception. This incredible construction project will cost an eye-watering $1.4bn. 11 storeys high, it will house all the facilities Facebook require, including new features to help minimise use of water, energy, and land. The building will be made from state-of-the-art materials, allowing passer-by’s a glimpse into the sleek interior.

The new data centre is a welcome investment and the project is of high importance to the country. Although Singapore is not a very big place, Facebook’s new building will create more jobs, increase visitors, and keep Singapore at the forefront of the technical world.

Manchester has Fastest Growing Construction Industry

London is absolutely heaving with people, so when it comes to finding construction jobs, it is no surprise that people are looking elsewhere for work. And Manchester is offering it. An August 2018 report showed that Manchester held the top spot as the city offering the highest number of trade and construction jobs outside of London. In fact, with over 2,000 job vacancies, Manchester had more than double the job vacancies on offer than Reading.

Manchester’s construction sector is now the second fastest growing industry for vacancies in the UK. So, if you’re looking for a job in construction, try searching for a project in Manchester.

£117m Development in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is so close to London that it has nearly always been an up-and-coming place to live. Close enough to commute, Milton Keynes offers a better quality of life than right in the middle of the city, and at less of a cost. What’s more, the location is starting to improve. Construction has started on a £117 million Campbell Wharf development. 383 new homes are being built, a public house, retail centre, nursery, and other new additions will be transforming the area.

What’s more, 30% of the new property developments will be affordable for first-time buyers, with options such as shared ownership available. This huge construction project will be a gateway for more visitors to the area and will provide much-needed properties. The locals have been overwhelmingly supportive of this project and are excited to see construction getting underway.

Two Bridges Built in One Weekend

This impressive construction feat will see two 1,000 tonne bridges installed between Cambridge and Huntington in one weekend – all without closing the road! The construction team working on this project came up with the innovative technique to build the bridges on one side of the road, before wheeling them into place on top of the abutments.

This momentous task is due to take place on the weekend of 14th September and engineers have even released a video showing exactly how they plan on tackling the challenge. The two bridges will significantly improve the 21-mile stretch of road between Cambridge and Huntington, adding four lanes in each direction to help improve traffic flow and cut up to 20 minutes off commuters’ journey times.

New Homes in Cheshire

New-builds are popping up everywhere, but a record number of new homes were built by Cheshire East Council this year that saw a significant increase in first-time buyers. As the cabinet member for the housing planning and regeneration, Ainsley Arnold stated: “At a time when so many people are looking for a home of their own, it is encouraging to see the highest growth ever in the housing stock of Cheshire East.”

The reason this construction project has impressed so many is because over one quarter of the homes are subsidised as affordable housing to benefit the people living in that community. And it will do just that, benefit the people living in Cheshire, helping to retain people and jobs, and continue to deliver positive economic growth.

Bristol Concert £123m Arena Plans Abandoned

Bristol council announced in September 2018 that their plans to build a £123m concert arena in Bristol have been cancelled. The reason for this, giving by Bristol City Council, is there were fears around the borrowing costs required to build the arena and the rising costs of construction. Therefore, instead of building the arena, investors have decided to pursue housing, conference centres, and hotels. This project will be far more beneficial for the area and also help generate money for the council.

Central Subway in San Francisco

Building underground is one of the most difficult things to do, but San Francisco have started working on a $1.5 billion Central Subway project that will provide transport covering 1.7 miles of San Francisco (and most of this will be underground). By travelling underground, this subway system will bypass heavy traffic on the streets and provide commuters with the convenience of faster travel times. Currently in the middle of construction, this mammoth project is scheduled for completion in 2019 when it will open to the public for the first time.

Northern Ireland’s Housing Shortage

Factory-made houses are being phased in throughout Northern Ireland to help tackle the housing shortage. A new development in County Antrim will be the first location in Northern Ireland to use factory-made homes. The 40 homes that will be built will be assembled on site in a single day, making them the fastest answer to Northern Irelands housing crisis. Generally, building a house takes 56 weeks, so this innovative method will be significantly faster than traditional construction methods!

Off-site construction is becoming increasingly popular and is already used by many housing developers throughout Great Britain. Factory-made houses are where it’s at and are certainly one of the answers to our country’s housing crisis, helping people get on the property ladder for the first time and enjoy the security of owning their own home.

Sewage Problems and Building Bans

When building new properties, something construction workers must take into account is the sewage system. Unfortunately, a new housing development project in County Down Village, England, has been banned after it was discovered the sewage system had reached capacity.

In recent years this area has seen many new housing developments and with the population nearly doubled, the sewage system has reached capacity many times – often spilling over and flooding from manholes. The solution to the problem would be the bring Northern Irelands infrastructure up to, what Northern Ireland Water estimates to be, 21st century standard.

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