How often have you re-arranged furniture just to hide stains and spills from your house guests?

We know it’s embarrassing to have to hide rough spots or stains on your ground that were left by unseemly accidents or previous tenants. In either case, no matter how hard you scrub or rub, many of these stains can seem like they’re here to stay.

Which is exactly why we’ve assembled our best carpet cleaning hacks that can take those stains and clear them out for good.

No matter how big of a mess or stain you’re dealing with, if you approach with the right materials and have a little bit of patience, you won’t have to be embarrassed anymore by your floors.

Dealing with Stubborn Stains

Our first hack deals with stains that may have been left by a previous tenant, or one that you may not have noticed when it first arrived.

Since heat naturally breaks down chemical bonds, the best way to approach a stain that won’t get out is to use an iron.

Start with a warm, wet towel, and place it over the stain. You may want to wait a few minutes to allow the warm towel to soak the carpet somewhat. Next, use a generous amount of heat and press on the stain. The idea here is to transfer the stain from the floor to the towel.

Even the most stubborn of stains will usually release their grip on your floors if you utilize this method enough times. With a bit of patience and careful ironing to prevent fire hazards, you should be able to manage old stains well with this method.

Dealing with Dull Carpeting

Got a spot or section of your carpet that doesn’t seem to shine as much as the rest?

Lots of homes have high foot traffic areas that seem to be trampled down and lose their sheen. This can create a discrepancy between this part of the carpet and the next.

If you’re hoping to fix this, all you’ll need is a bit of shaving cream.

Apply a liberal amount of shaving cream to the section of your carpet that’s giving you problems and allow to soak for about twenty minutes or so. The cream should pull out residual dust and stains towards itself, so be sure to blot it off to ensure you pick everything up.

Provided you’d done your job, you should be left with carpeting that looks as good as any other.

Spreading Stains Instead of Lifting Them?

You might be struggling to lift out stains using even industrial and professional products. In some cases, you might find yourself smearing stains instead of lifting them.

That’s often due to your method of cleaning your carpet.

The simplest hack we can think of to fix this problem is to fix your approach. If you bear down on your carpet and smear instead of blot stains, you’re often only pushing them deeper into the fibers than lifting them completely.

Try taking your standard stain removal method (or shaving cream) and allowing the product to soak longer than you think necessary. Then gently blot the carpet instead of breaking down on it and compare the results.

Does Your Carpet Still Smell?

If you’ve used all of our hacks and you’re still not seeing the carpet you’d like to see, it might be time to call in the cavalry. This is especially true if you’ve never utilized professional carpet cleaners before.

An annual cleaning from licensed carpet technicians can help to remove those deep-seeded stains with steam, heat, and other methods. This is often the only way to treat certain types of carpet.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles, London, or anywhere in between, there’s probably a great option for you to check out near you. Just utilize online resources that allow you to search for contractors that can help you with your dilemma or point you towards someone who can.

In either case, we hope that our tips and tricks can help you out before it is time to call in the professionals. Using different methods of cleaning and a little bit of creativity, there’s no reason you should ever be ashamed of your carpets again.