How to get the best out of you home

Planning for your next house revamp can really be exciting but doing the actual work is no piece of cake. Revamping projects can cost you a load of cash however, here’s how to get the most out of your investment.

To guide you in planning, we have identified 7 most valuable house improvement projects that you can invest your money into.

1. Lighting improvements

It is a simple yet indispensable way of making your rooms feel welcoming and warm. A dark room sets a dull and dreary mood which makes the space depressing and non-functional for reading and it is something most buyers point out upon walking in to a home. Natural lighting is best and cost-saving, so installing windows and using blinds/curtains that let more light in will be ideal. Natural and electrical ways of adding lighting can effectively brighten up the ambience in the living space. Skylights and sun tubes are also great innovations that can be applied in the interior design of your homes and it is energy-saving too!

cracked wall

2. Repair any structural defects

Structural defects can bring in serious problems if left unresolved. Some homeowners disregard defects because it is costly and rather focus on decorating the house instead. But, if you want to add value to your home you should plan to invest in the repair of these defects to prolong the useful life of the structure. If you are a house seller, you should not overlook this importance. First, ensure the condition of your roofing and guttering, assess your walls, ceilings, floors, the plumbing especially in the kitchen and bathrooms that need meticulous attention. To get an expert and experienced assessment of the structural condition of your home, getting professional help from a surveyor and builder may be worth it.

3. Replace the windows

Windows subtly make a huge difference in the entire look of a house. Choosing a design that well matches the style of your house gives the right ambiance of your home based on your preference. Nevertheless, make sure that it also works for the functionality that your house needs especially in the lighting of the house, which practically adds value to your home.

wooden floor4. Revamp the floors

Getting a floor makeover can further enhance the overall look of the house. Installing modern laminate, solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring are ideal choices to give off a modern feel rather than opting for the old-fashioned carpet. These materials may sound expensive but if you are patient enough to look around stores, you’ll be able to get yourself a good deal.

5. Loft Conversion

One of the most valuable revamp projects that you can undertake is loft conversions. Having an extra space/room in the house is always in the plus side. It is smart way to maximize utilizing the available space of your house and it also adds a few £’s on your home value. In 2014, Nationwide Building Society says that loft conversions averagely increase your home value by 21%. The cost is absolutely worth it!

kitchen6. Upgrade the kitchen

Buyers are observed to be particular when it comes to the interior design and functionality of kitchen when prospecting for a house to buy. It is one of the rooms that you need to prioritize in renovating as it is a huge selling point for buyers. Modern designs and appliances improves the look of the kitchen as well as the overall value of the house at around 5%. But beware on the cost you invest on these upgrades as some choices can be very expensive.

7. Your garden

A good landscaping design and maintenance will score additional points to a buyer’s checklist. There are a lot of DIY garden landscaping ideas online that will optimize the space of your yard and add value to your home. Make your renovations contribute not only to the value of the house but as well as to make happy, livable space to feel at home.

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