Rent checks — in most cases, this is the largest check (or Venmo payment) for many of us each month. So, when the price of your flat or apartment turns into a cost-burden, you’ll need to think about downsizing from the larger place in the city into a less expensive apartment elsewhere. And the downsizing and moving can be daunting.

Here are five great tips to put into action when you’re downsizing from a bigger place to a much smaller one.

Do you use it?

There are all kinds of approaches to paring down the stuff you have, but one of our favorites is tracking how often you use it.

If you haven’t used something that’s been sitting in a box for a number of weeks, then do you really need it in your new, smaller apartment? We don’t think so!

Double functionality

Why not use items that have more than one purpose? Downsizing means that many things you own must do double duty. For example, wine racks can double as towel holders. Most of all, this is an exercise in knowing what you really do and do NOT need.

Regularly purge

How often do you actually sit down and think about the stuff you use each day? If you’ve lived in Paris, New York City, Chicago, London or even a smaller city in the United States like Cincinnati, Ohio where rent price isn’t as extreme as the other cities listed, you know that space is never free and unlimited. So why don’t we think more often about getting rid of material items we don’t need?

Every few months, take some time to get rid of clothes and material items you don’t really need nor use. Donating clothes is also a great way to give back.

Measure everything

If you go from 1200 square feet to about 950, that’s still a huge downsizing effort. Although the total square footage doesn’t seem like much, you’ll easily notice the difference once you move all of your stuff into the new apartment or flat.

The layout might be totally different, the closets might fit half of your shoes, and the kitchen might lack any storage space. So, make sure you measure before moving in!

Think outside of the box

Don’t be afraid to get a little unconventional in how you set up your new place. You can use the inside of your oven and the drawers in your fridge for a bit of extra storage — it’s not usually how people do it, but if you need extra space, you might be able to find it there.

If your London flat has two drawers in the kitchen, you’ll need to think about different and more innovative ways to make use of the space you do have.

All in all, follow those tips while downsizing and you’ll learn more about your smaller space than you ever imagined. Don’t afraid to use the space in unique and creative ways. You never know, you might love the new, smaller space!