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Basement Pool Conversions More Popular than Ever

What’s a clear marker of wealth in the UK? Having your very own swimming pool! But that’s not it. The super-rich are now digging underneath their properties to create pools in their basements.

In London’s richest boroughs, swimming pools are being carved out several floors underneath the city streets, creating sanctuaries no one else knows are there. It’s incredible to think that underground living used to be associated with poverty and disease but has now become incredibly popular for the wealthiest in our country.

The most popular areas for mega-basements are Kensington and Chelsea, London’s richest areas with some of the most amazing swimming pool basements around! Have you got a basement you would love to convert into a swimming pool? Maybe have a read further into the news story to find out more!

basement pool

Garage Conversions to Create the Space You Need

Due to continuously rising house prices, many homeowners cannot afford moving into bigger properties, despite their growing families and evident need for more space. As a result, garage conversions are becoming increasingly popular.

The great aspect of garage conversions is how they can be transformed into whatever space you need. Whether you require an extra bedroom, a workout space, a playroom for the kids, or an art studio – your garage could be the perfect space to use. What’s more, garage conversions don’t need to cost the earth and are a great way of increasing the market value of your home for if and when you decide to sell later down the line. If you need a place to retreat to for some peace and quiet away from all your troubles, consider getting a garage conversion, it really could change your life for the better.

Is Planning Permission Possible before Purchase?

For those individuals who make it onto the property ladder, it can be a real achievement! And it is! But what if you want to make some changes to your new property, add a couple of rooms, build a swimming pool in the backyard, or convert the loft, is it possible to get planning permission before making the purchase?

In theory, once you’ve made an offer on a house and it has been accepted, you can make the purchase dependant on the planning permission. After all, the property may not be worth buying if you cannot transform it in the way you want to. However, unfortunately, many sellers will not agree to this transaction because of the time and inconvenience it causes to have so many architects, planners, and builders visit the property. However, despite the various restrictions, there are ways you can achieve planning permission before a purchase so that you can create the home of your dreams and you can read more about it all here.

Loft Conversions are Raising Property Value

As we’ve already mentioned above, too many homeowners are struggling to find the finances to move into large properties to fit their growing families. As a result, an increasing number of people are carrying out loft conversions to create more space at a smaller price.

Scaffolding for a loft is a familiar site on many UK streets and is a sign that many people are investing in the properties they already have because they cannot afford to do anything else. Planning application requests have risen every year since 2012 and Halifax analysed that last year alone there were 49,649 planning applications sent in by people wanting to raise the value of their homes through loft conversions.

Of course, this says a lot about our property market and the dire state we’ve gotten ourselves into. However, it also highlights the popularity of loft conversions and how effective they are at creating more space in homes that really need it. Find out how to finance your loft conversion here.

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