Review of the Slot Game “Slotomon Go”

The Pokémon series has been extremely popular for a number of years. Therefore, it is not shocking that an online game designer would create a slot game like Slotomon Go. This game by SoftSwiss is highly intriguing because it captures all the charm and excitement of the popular Japanese TV show. Of course, without working with the creator, the corporation can’t make something that is a carbon clone of the successful franchise. Instead, SoftSwiss has created their own take on the strange animals, and they’re all here in this game for your viewing pleasure. Featuring a series of visually appealing graphics, it provides a humorous spin on everyone’s favorite pocket monsters. Obviously, more features are required for any game with this kind of topic. Luckily, Slotomon Go won’t disappoint players down in this respect. But we’ll talk more about that in a minute.

Slotomon…It’s time to give them all a spin!

The slot machine has a standard layout, with five reels and three rows. As such, it won’t present players with anything challenging or novel. You can also locate the numerous symbols on these reels. We’ve already said that SoftSwiss made its own pocket monsters, and that are what the various icons represent. There’s something that looks like a hybrid between a horse and a bear, a ghost decked out in sunglasses, and a cactus-like monster, among many others. The reels also feature a colorful monster like an octopus.

In addition, there are five distinct pay lines available to players. In light of the abundance of new releases with free games attached, this seems like a pitiful sum. In addition, you can customize them anywhere from a one to a five based on your own individual preferences. In addition, you can choose the size of your bet before each spin. The ‘Bet Value’ field is used for this purpose. Bets per active line can be placed between €0.01 and €1. This translates to a maximum possible bet of €5 each spin. In addition, you can use the ‘Auto Spins’ button if you like.

Create Your Own Monster Museum

These days, it’s not unusual for a video slot game to have several bonus rounds and other extras. Wild symbols, scatters, and extra games like free spins are also included. In addition, you can usually unlock multiple additional features. As far as I’m aware, that’s not the case with this game. Only the diamond emblem stands out as any kind of unique feature. The game’s default wild symbol looks like this. Because of this, it can substitute for any other icon on the reels to help complete a winning payline.

However, the wild icon has another purpose as well. It can award a maximum of 10 bonus spins to your account. In addition, one of the pocket monsters will join you in the bonus spins round to help you out. In addition, the gem icon can be caught multiple times in any pay line win, so increasing the payout. Your gains could be multiplied by as much as 1,500 thanks to this strategy.

Closing Statement

We usually refrain from criticizing newly released games in our online slots reviews, but in this case, we just can’t help but think that more could have been done to improve it. Overall, it has an air of incompleteness about it. The game is certainly enjoyable to play, and its visuals are excellent. If you’re going to base a game off of something as popular as Pokémon, though, you’d better go all out. A monster-catching bonus round would have been a welcome addition. Alternatively, each creature might provide a new dimension to the action. It’s a nice addition to SoftSwiss’s library, but more features would make it perfect.